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Version: 8.x

What is Gotenberg?

Gotenberg is a Docker-powered stateless API for PDF files.

In other words...

  • It is a Docker image that incorporates all necessary dependencies, eliminating the need for individual environment installations.
  • It scales and operates seamlessly within a distributed framework.
  • It features multipart/form-data endpoints for converting numerous document formats into PDF files, among other capabilities.
  • It supports HTTP/2 (classic or H2C).

From a technical perspective, Gotenberg is built on a modular structure that facilitates diverse functionalities. For example, the Chromium module is specifically designed to convert HTML documents into PDF files.

Every module within Gotenberg is independently configurable, offering the flexibility to tailor the system according to your specific requirements.

Gotenberg is open-source and free to use.


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Getting Started

Get started with Gotenberg by reading the installation guide.